The Find: Bergamo New York Dress Shirts

Browsing for fitted/slim dress shirts I came across this brand that I have never heard of before. The shirts were marked on clearance (I bought two) at $10 and $7. So are they worth it? Well, the shirts were a cotton/poly blend (60/40) for wrinkle-free ease. And well, they look like most white dress shirts do ... check that - ALL white dress shirts do.

Some background research on the Bergamo brand revealed that the brand was trademarked in 2004 by the Peacock Apparel Group, Inc (more). Bergamo New York does not appear to have a web presence of their own, but the quick Google search on the Peacock Apparel Group turns up that the brand was classified as SECTION 8 & 15 accepted and acknowledged as of July 15, 2010 making it is a relatively new brand. In addition to dress shirts, the brand makes ties, tuxedo shirts, pants and pocket squares.

What I can attest to is that the fit is very modern. The length is perfect for wearing untucked on weekends and the slim fit is very contoured for an athletic build.

A find for its price and fit. Look for the collection at discount houses such as TJ Max, Ross, and Marshall's. Also available online.


  1. I bought my husband four shirts today. Two of them were Harve Benard and two of them were Bergano New York. The Bergano shirts were so nice, much softer than the HB ones. They feel like 600 thread count sheets. I hope to find more in his size.

    1. Anonymous15.2.12

      I purchased two Bergamo New York white shirts at Marshalls for $14.95 each. The material is soft, but it is also so thin that it is literally translucent, showing navel, nipples, and even hair. But, because I layer often, this works for me, but you cannot wear these shirts without undergarments unless you are laying. The price is right for that. Cheap single-thread construction -- marked "Made in China" and definitely have "sweat shop" quality control. For example, the arms, which are marked 34, are actually an inch shorter than that, and the buttons look like they could come unsewn any minute if stressed.

  2. Anonymous25.6.13

    Best fitting dress shirts for the price. NOTHING is better, NOTHING

  3. I bought one of this shirt on a clearance and have been unable to find them anymore. Does anyone knows a NYC store where I can get them?
    Thanks in advance.